Backpacking Tips: Taking Pictures

Backpacking Tips:  Taking Pictures


Tip:  To take great pictures, your camera must be handy and easy to use.

In July 2014, I needed to choose a camera for my 21 day backpack on the John Muir Trail. After a lot of debate and evaluating many cameras, I brought my cell phone in a Lifeproof case.

This was the best decision for me.

  1. Handy.  My camera fit into my small backpack hip pocket.  It was always handy.
  2. High Quality.  The quality of the photos blew me away.  I found an 8 x 10 in image was crystal clear and had amazing colors without any alteration.
  3. Waterproof.  I dropped my phone into a creek and the Lifeproof case worked!  Having a waterproof and dirt proof camera is a critical feature for a backpacking camera.